Nice to meet you! I'm a UI/UX designer and researcher based in Rochester, NY.  I recently earned my bachelor's degree in Human-Centered Computing at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I am passionate about creating designs that are accessible for users as well as making systems that are intuitive to use. I'm particularly interested in accessibility for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. I'm Deaf myself, and I use cochlear implants so I can communicate with hearing people and American Sign Language (ASL) so I can communicate with Deaf people.

Aside from the design world, I enjoy traveling, playing sports, and hiking! I've visited a lot of place in North America and Europe and I enjoy learning about how other people live. I grew up in Boston, so I'll always be a fan of the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins. On the weekends I like to go snowboarding and hiking.

In March 2020 (just before the pandemic hit!), I joined a mission trip to a Deaf school in Saint James, Jamaica where we helped the teachers and students with various projects around the campus. This included painting a new playground, helping them set up laptops and building a volleyball court! This experience was great as it exposed me to their sign language, Jamaican Sign Language (JSL) as well as the Deaf culture that thrived there.                          
Thank you!
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